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Your Guide to Flowers and Dating

Many flowers represent love and romance. When youare falling in love, nothing compares with flowers to express how you feel. However,there is an etiquette behind dating and flowers. You need to know when andwhich flowers are appropriate to convey what you are feeling. We bring you theanswers in this guide.

First date

Whether you should bring flowers on your first datewill depend upon you and your date. Picking your date up at her door with abouquet in your hand can make your evening special but it may also appear too conventionalor formal.

Think about your relationship. If you have knowneach other for some time but are now going on an actual “first date,” flowers area good idea. However, if you have just met someone and asked them out, or youare going on a blind date, it may be better to hold the flowers for some time toavoid coming on strong.

The formality of the occasion matters too. If youare going for a fancy dinner date, flowers are the best start to your cinematicdate. If your date is less formal, you can skip the flowers.


Dates aren’t the only time to consider givingflowers in your new relationship. You could simply send flowers to yoursignificant other’s home or workplace as a surprise. Occasions, like birthdays,anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day, are the obvious times to send or giveflowers. A bouquet of flowers is also the perfect way to say sorry.


The right color of flowers you give depends upon thetype of flower you pick. For example, in roses, red and pink symbolize romance.Consult your florist to find out what particular colors and flowers represent.

And, don’t forget to find out about your significantother’s favorite color and flower and select your bouquets accordingly.If you are looking for the best floral boutique or bridesmaidflorists in Woodbury, MN, check out European Floral or call 651-717-5689.

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