The Biggest Floral Trends of 2021

Fresh, beautiful and fragrant blooms are ideal whether you want to brighten up your home decor or send a gift to a loved one. Everyone loves some fresh flowers but every year brings new trends that influence the way flowers are used and here are the biggest floral trends of 2021.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers, or potpourri, are flowers that have been dried, either using the traditional method of between layers of paper or baking them in an oven. Dried flowers can be placed in a bowl in any room in the house. Dried blooms act as a source of natural fragrance in your living spaces.


There was once a time when all brides wanted the florist to give them the popular bridal bouquet. However, they now want to pick their own flowers, themes and colour schemes to create a unique bouquet. The growing consumer awareness has brought in a surge of personalization in flowers and floral arrangements.

Brides may want to add an heirloom or elements, such as pearls and crystals to their bridal bouquet. These make your bridal bouquets novel and exclusive. To make your bridal bouquet personalized and unique, talk to experts at the leading floral shop in Woodbury MN, European Floral.


Sustainability seems to be an important factor for the brides now. This has led to a trend of brides buying flowers that are sustainable in the longer run. Many brides also want to ruse ceremony flowers at the reception and even preserve their wedding for a long time.

Flower Subscription

The pandemic and the inability to move around freely have made everyone more appreciative of nature and open spaces. And fresh flowers are a wonderful way to transport that feeling right to your living room. This has led to a new trend of monthly flower subscriptions.

People order a weekly or monthly delivery of the flowers from theflorist for their homes and offices. Subscriptions ensure fresh blooms to bedelivered at your doorstep day after day, without you having to remember toorder them and saving you time. You can have them delivered as bouquets or inelegant vases or vintage baskets.

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