Red Roses

Even the words– ‘Red Roses’ invoke luxuriously rich red blooms that are a universal symbol oflove, romance and decadence. They have been capturing the hearts of lovers allover the world for ever. Whether it is a single stem or a bunch of red roses onyour wedding, anniversary, first date, Valentine’s Day or just to say, “I loveyou,” red roses never fail you.

Giving or Receiving a Red Rose

Giving a redrose is the perfect way to express romantic love. Its enduring and universalmeaning of love doesn’t change with time.

If you lookdeeper, deep red roses convey deep emotions, a bright red bloom stands forromance and burgundy is often seen as symbol of unrequited love. A red rosebud representsyoung love, innocence, purity and beauty.

Red Roses by Number

The number ofroses given or received holds a special meaning too.

  • Asingle rose quietly says “You are theone”.
  • Apair of red roses represents mutual love and affection.
  • Agift of three red roses is often the one-month anniversary gift.
  • 6roses are telling you the giver is infatuated with you.
  • Abouquet of 10 red roses tells the receiver that their love is perfection.
  • Agift of 11 red roses signifies true and deep love.
  • Adozen roses are a classic way of telling someone, “Be mine”.
  • Givea gift of 15 roses if you need to apologize and words won’t cut it.
  • Twodozen roses clearly say, “I’m yours”.
  • Threedozen red roses say, “I’m head overheels in love with you.”
  • Abouquet or arrangement of 50 roses is the ultimate elaborate romantic gift andexpresses a love that has no bounds.

If you really wantto impress someone, pair your roses with a thoughtful, personalized gift andelevate your gift to a whole new level.If you are looking for thebest florist in Stillwater or Twin Cities, MN, check out EuropeanFloral or call 651-717-5689

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