How much should I Spend on Wedding Flowers?

Weddings can have different themes and styles, but one thing remainsconstant — flowers.

While foliage and succulents have made it to wedding décor and even thebride’s bouquet, fresh flowers still hold a special place in weddings. The widerange of shapes, colors, and scents can help you set the right tone andambience for your wedding.

Weddings can be hugely expensive. In the US, the average wedding can setcouples back by $33,391. The bulk of that is spent on the wedding dress, thevenue, food, and photography.

Wedding flowers also make for a big chunk of the total wedding budgetwith the actual expense depending on the kind of flowers and the arrangements youchoose.

What affects the cost of wedding flowers?

Several factors affect how much your floral wedding arrangements willcost.


There are flowers that bloom all year round, or are restricted to aseason. While some florists can import flowers that are not in season, seasonalblooms are always more affordable than others. Exotic or extremely delicateflowers with shorter lifespans are also more expensive.


The simpler the arrangements, the lower the cost. Complex arrangementswith several floral varieties will cost more, especially when the florist isbringing the flowers from another city. The flowers that are locally availableand in-season, in simple arrangements will prove to be more affordable.


The location also plays a big role in the overall costs. For example, NewYork florists are more expensive. The source of the flowers may add to theprice. Imported, exotic blooms cost more.

To save on wedding flowers, select –

  • seasonal flowers
  • locally grown flowers
  • look-alikes of the more expensiveones
  • add succulents and foliage to yourarrangements
  • reuse ceremony/aisle flowers at thereception

If you are looking for thebest bridesmaids’ bouquetsor wedding flowers in St. Paul or Twin Cities, MN, check out EuropeanFloral or call 651-717-5689.

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