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Add Some Magic to your Wedding Decor

Everyone wants their wedding to be a memorable one. Beautiful, elegant, and aesthetically-pleasing decor can make your loved ones never forget this day.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make your wedding more magical.

Unconventional Centerpieces

Adding crystals, pearls, candles, and other dreamy objects to the centerpieces will continue the magical look at your reception. The centerpieces themselves can be arrangements created in lanterns, bowls, or other unconventional holders rather than conventional vases.

You might not want to consider tree stumps, wood slices, and logs as part of the centerpiece.

Flowers as a hair accessory

Make your wedding a true fairytale one, have the bridesmaids and flower girls wear flower crowns. The bride’s crown can be customized to match her bridal bouquet and dress.

More than Flowers

Adding a few lush green and/or succulents to the bouquet, accessories, and wedding decor can create more visual interest. Flowers can be arranged as wreaths, garlands, arches, and canopies, depending on the type of venue and the theme of your wedding.

Set up a drinks cart or outdoor bar

Whether your reception is indoors or outdoors, you can add a drinks cart or outdoor bar to keep your guests refreshed and hydrated. It could carry fresh lemonade and cocktails your guests can enjoy as they move around.

Create a warmdessert stand

If you are planning a winter or fall wedding, you might want to add a warm dessert stand. That will keep your guests warm and delighted. You can arrange the dessert cart in such a way that it allows them to customize their treat. Adding the right flowers to the dessert stand will make it even more attractive and give your guests something to talk about for a long time after the wedding.

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