7 Incredible Tips for The Best Wedding Flowers

If youare planning for your wedding, you obviously want everything to be impeccable,including the flowers. Here are 7 incredible tips to make sure your weddingflowers are the best.

Do the research

Talk toa few floral designers to make sure the one you finally hire has the samevision as you. If you have a common vision, there is a high likelihood theywill be able to execute that vision and create the right floral designs you arelooking for.

Check for doppelgangers

If youlove a specific bloom but it doesn’t fit your budget, ask your florist for anaffordable look alike. For example, carnations are beautiful flowers that canbe bundled to appear like the garden look of a hydrangea.

Think outside the box

Youcan lend a unique touch to your wedding décor by using non-traditional flowerscontainers and centerpieces. Go ahead and mix and match flea-market or familyheirlooms to create completely unique designs.

Think outside flowers!

Everyonehas flowers on their big day. To make your floral arrangements stand out, addpearls, crystals, feathers, candy, buttons, seashells, branches, and evenfruits and veggies to the designs.

Go with a color and design scheme

Thinkof a color and design scheme rather than a flower scheme. Your florist can comeup with a wider variety and more interesting designs if you share a color andtheme vision rather than a bloom vision.

Recycle your flowers

Youcan reduce the money you spend on wedding flowers by reusing your ceremonyflowers at the reception. Your florist can move your flowers after the ceremonyis over and rearrange them at the reception, at an additional price.

Greenery can be your friend

Askyour florist to add greenery and foliage with flowers to turn a great bouquetor centerpiece into a stunning one. And obviously, greenery is much lessexpensive than most florals, so it’s definitely great value for money.If you are looking for the best floral boutique or bridesmaids’florists in in Woodbury, MN, check out European Floral or call 651-717-5689

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