6 Photos Every Wedding Album Must Have

Your wedding day is almost here. You want to cherish andremember it forever. And the best way to preserve the memories of this day isto save them in the wedding day photos. Here are 6 timeless photos every coupleshould have in their wedding album.

Group Shot of the wedding party

You have chosen your wedding party very carefullybecause you want these people at your side on your big day of your life. So,don’t forget to get at least a few fun and genuine photos to capture what makesthis group of your loved ones so special.

Your First Dance

You will never forget your first dance. Many couplesplan and wait for that moment when they take to the dance floor. The firstdance is a time that certainly want to look back at together for years to come.

Wedding Décor

From the archway to aisle, brides put countless hours,along with their floral designers into creating the right décor and ambiencefor the dream ceremony. Let the photographer know you want photos of theoverall décor as well as details and accents. Those exquisite photos will tellyour wedding story for years to come.

Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is an intimate detail of your weddingday. The beauty and allure of the flowers you carry down the aisle representthe love you feel for each other. Most bridal bouquets have elements that holda special meaning for the bride. Let there be photos that highlight the bouquet’sunique floral collection, textures, colors, and form.

Reception Photos

The reception is the longest part of your wedding. Thevenue, décor, and the floral arrangements, set the mood for the evening. Beforethe celebrations begin, have photos of the reception ambience taken along withthe centerpieces and any other décor details.

The Toast

There may be several toasts made in your honorthroughout the evening. Ask your photographer to capture fun, memorable champagnetoasts to memorialize the joy and excitement of the occasion. If you are looking for thebest floral boutique or bridal florists in Woodbury, MN, check out EuropeanFloral or call 651-717-5689

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