6 Gorgeous Flowers for your Bridal Crown

Flowers are integral to a wedding and almost all brides carry a bridal bouquet. So how do you stand out? You can also use flowers creatively as hair accessories in a way that complements your dress and your wedding theme. Here are some beautiful flowers that can be shaped into a flower crown or other hair accessories. 

  • Rose

Roses are to romance what flowers are to weddings. If your wedding theme is boho, country or rustic, imagine a striking red or subtle pink rose crown gracefully sitting atop your tresses! The beautiful red, pink, and yellow blossoms also amplify the elegance of your dress on your special day. 

  • Jasmine

Exotic and fragrant Jasmine is a perfect flower for a wedding. Do you know jasmine is considered sacred in South Asian countries? The beautiful white petals seem right out of Tinkerbell! Create the magic of a fairytale on your wedding day with a crown woven with this delicate bloom.

  • Succulents

A succulent bridal crown is a beautifully simple crown with a textured look. Succulents come in so many shapes and shades that you could choose to use them alone in a crown. Or you could ask your wedding floral designer to add smaller flowers considering your wedding color scheme, like Freesias, or Lilacs.

  • Baby’s Breath

These delicate andwhimsical blooms are favored by brides for their ethereal simplicity. You can use thisaffordable and durable bloom to create a breathtaking floral crown! 

  • Hibiscus 

No destination beach or tropical wedding can be complete without pretty, island-inspired blooms. The beautiful Hibiscus tops our list for a floral crown. Since hibiscus are large flowers, your florist only needs a few, along with a few complementary smaller blooms to weave a stunning floral crown! 

  • Carnations

A crown made of carnations will stay fresh and vibrant the entire day. So, you don’t have to worry about wilting. Think of a bridal crown made fun and festive with pink and red carnations, in contrast to your white dress. Simply gorgeous, isn’t it? These handsome blooms made into a crown, woven with some foliage or succulents are perfect for your special day. 

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