6 Dos and Don’ts in announcing your Engagement

Announcing yourengagement can be tricky. Here are important dos and don’ts after you’reengaged to enjoy your wedding planning and have celebratory rather thanstressful dys ahead.

Know your fiancé-to-be

If you areabout to propose — know your fiancé-to-be. If your fiancé-to-be is an introvert,a romantic atmosphere at home may be the perfect way to pop the question.

But if yourbeau loves attention, then a restaurant or a park may be the best place to propose.

Give yourselves some downtime

Share somespecial time between the two of you. It is an exciting time but avoid gettingon the phone right away with to announce your engagement. Take time to stop andsmell the roses, and savor these special moments.

Prioritize your call list

Decide who youwant to call first. You don’t want to offend a loved one who hears yourannouncement secondhand. To avoid being overwhelmed with calls, you may want toexplain to some loved ones to hold off on certain people, and that you wouldget to them shortly.

Schedule your social posts

Make yoursocial posts after you have told your significant loved ones. Once the post isout on social, there’s no telling who will know, so schedule it when and how youwant it said.

Don’t rush

You must besuper excited to be engaged to the person you love! But don’t let thatexcitement cause you to promise anyone anything before you’ve had time to thinkabout the details. Keep the conversation about the engagement, and let thedetails of the wedding remain vague till you have had time to think them out.

Have professional photographs

Once you havespread the good word, you may get professional engagement photos done tocherish these moments forever.If you are looking for the best florists or event flowers in Stillwater and Twin Cities, MN, check out European Floral or call 651-717-5689.

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