5 Flowers Your Wedding Bouquet Needs This Season

You found your dream partner and have been planning a fairy-tale wedding, and even though you thought you have planned everything, you forgot the most important element flowers for your bridal bouquet. 

Now that you are in a hurry, it’s likely you turned to Google for a quick solution, so here is a look at the 5 most popular bridal bouquet flowers you can pick.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms symbolize renewal and optimism, so what better flower to add to your special day? Cherry blossoms come in a range of beautiful colors you can choose, from delicate white to light pink, complementing your bridal dress and making you look more splendid. 


Daisies are the most romanticized flowers. Daisies aren’t just your ordinary flowers. They belong to the sunflower family along with Dahlias, along with 24,000 other species. Daisies symbolize innocence and fun. If that is you, daisies are perfect for you!


Lilies stand for rebirth and devotion. Lilies are flowers with large petals in white, yellow, orange, and purple. When arranged in a bouquet, lilies lend you a sense of calm and tranquility, a great choice for your wedding day. These flowers also add beautiful elegance to your bridal bouquet.


Hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace and beauty. The light blue Hydrangea is the most popular with flat clusters of small flowers in beautiful shades of blue. It never fails to catch the eye of anyone present. Do you remember Blake lively used Hydrangeas in her wedding bouquet?


Marigold is a popular flower used in Hindu weddings. They symbolize brightness and positive energy and the delicate petals and colors make them suitable for a variety of uses – in bouquets, wreaths and garlands. Marigolds also are richly fragrant and leave you with a sense of calm, standing in contrast against a white dress.

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