3 Reasons a large Dance Floor is not important

Are you worried that the dance floor at your wedding reception venue is not big enough? Many couples wonder whether they have enough space for dancing at a venue and here are the top reasons why you don’t need a huge dance floor.

A small dance floor is easier to pack

Not everyone is going to be dancing even if you invite a large number of guests. And not all your guests will be dancing at the same time. Unless everyone in your friends and family loves to dance, be confident in a smaller space.

Big dance floors scare people

Not everyone loves too much attention. Only a few people on a big dance floor may look empty and intimidate people. A smaller dance floor looks fuller as guests take turns dancing.

Too much space also kills the intimacy that brings people together. It can feel empty with a few people grouped at just one end of the floor.

Small dance floors are convenient

A smaller dance floor saves you from having to move tables after dinner, which can disrupt the flow of the evening since some people no longer have a place to sit.

Check whether the dancing you are doing needs a lot of room. Dancing with big swinging or sweeping movements is not in any more. The two step or popping and locking doesn’t require much space.

If you are thinking of having the dance floor in the middle of the space, it may cut the space into two, since many people may not want to cross for fear of being forced to dance!

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