3 Essential Tips for Backyard Weddings’ Flowers

Small, intimate backyard wedding are many couples’ first choice these days. It is especially popular among couples, who want to have a fun time with their loved ones rather than break the bank over crazy decorations and expensive entertainment.

Whether you’re still unsure about the floral decor you want for your backyard wedding, or you are getting ready to set up your decor, the following tips can help you keep your wedding décor, bouquets and centerpieces look perfect on your wedding day:

Hire a professional florist

An experienced, skilled florist can help you pick the best, seasonal wedding flowers for your wedding. Local, seasonal flowers are usually the best choice since they typically last longer and are more likely to remain fresh throughout your event. They also fit your budget better and you are helping the local farmers when you buy them for your wedding. Exotic flowers would have to be flown in, adding to your décor expenses and may not last long in your weather.

Mist your flowers

Misting flowers with water will prevent your blooms and arrangements from wilting or drying out. Ask a friend to mist your wedding flowers with water throughout the day.

Keep the vases filled with water

Flowers need water, even more when they are outside in the Summer heat. Keep your vases filled with water throughout the day to keep the blooms hydrated and fresh.

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