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Amazing Rose

$ 549.99

Beautiful Sophisticated Bouquet

$ 651.99

Beautiful High End Bouquet

$ 699.99


No matter what time of the year European Floral can dazzle you with floral creations. Whether you are looking for traditional wedding flowers or contemporary, your friendly designers from European Floral can provide you with the best prices, quality and service.


We all know that gorgeous flowers will create this special atmosphere at you wedding and stay with you forever in the pictures.

Boutonnieres & Corsages

Bridal Bouquets

Table Arrangements

Ceremony Flowers


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  • Aneta is wonderful and her arrangements were beautiful! Everyone was asking about our flowers and couldn't get over how beautiful they were. i would definitely recommend Aneta. IAneta was my favorite vendor and so easy to work with and extremely flexible!
    Brittany, married on 06/02/2018

  • My flowers were absolutely stunning! Professionalism was greatly appreciated even in their time of relocating! Affordable and beautiful. I'd recommend to anyone!
    Nicole, married on 08/04/2018

  • I first met Aneta when she did the flowers for my best friend's wedding a few years back. She was very professional, kind and the flowers were beautiful. She also did flowers for another friends wedding and those were also sensational. I ended up hiring her for my wedding and the experience was no different. She captures everyone's vision perfectly. All three of our weddings had such different flowers, but were perfect for what we wanted.
    Emily, married on 09/15/2018

  • You will literally never find a better person to work with!! Aneta was amazing! I had put together a little inspiration board of what I wanted and she honestly made my entire vision come to life! She was also extremely affordable and effortless to work with. Thank you so much Aneta for everything!
    Meredith, married on 05/05/2018

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